21st November – Weekly Selecta


So I’ve decided to post songs weekly instead of daily as my extra curricular activity is taking off. I want to write more about what I am up to so this will give me more time.

If you haven’t started watching Atlanta yet DO IT. Donald Glover is a G and I’ve been craving him on my screen since I finished Community. I’m hoping with this new album, this means new tour in the UK? I would love to see him live. Freaks and Geeks will forever be the anthem.

The release off Childish Gambino’s new album is below. RedBone encouraging us all to Stay Woke.

I cannot stop listening to this song. Yes to funk.





Friday 18th December – Daily Selecta


I cannot deal. Alicia Keys. You beautiful human. I have watched this so many times today, it gives me genuine goosebumps. I need to see her live. Unbelievably jealous of everyone who got to see her at this intimate gig. A really great mix of old and new songs. Her new album “Here” has dropped and it is parfait.

Tracklist #AliciaInParis :
00:32 She Don’t Really Care
02:38 Hallelujah
07:54 You Don’t Know My Name
10:43 In Common
15:45 The Gospel




Wednesday 16th December – Daily Selecta


Tonight I was in Parliament. I am going to be working with Vicky Foxcroft MP on the Youth Violence Commission…

Roll through this tune.

P Money, JME and Wiley.

Got to see Wiley do a set in Manchester at Warehouse Project on Friday. It was unbelievably lit. Cannot wait for the Godfather to drop. I am really feeling what I have heard so far.

P Money is a legend say no more. Sick to see these three on a track and best believe it makes the gun fingers come out.

Friday 11th November – Daily Selecta


Off to WHP in Manchester tonight. OUCHEA

I miss Manny. After studying and living here for three years not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

WHP was a big part of my life during this time and I’ve only been able to make it up once since I graduated.

BUT TONIGHT. I am on my way.

The line up is next and I finally get to see Section Boyz live after missing them three times!

Danny Brown is headlining tonight. His latest album Atrocity Exhibition is incredible. It features appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and Ab-Soul (all on “Really Doe”), as well as Petite Noir, Kelela, and B-Real.

My favourite track from the album is Rolling Stone.

Listen here.