48 hours in Lisbon

International tings

If you want to do a weekend city break on the continent without paying a fortune look no further my g’s. I got you.


19:55: Flight from Heathrow with TAP Portugal to Lisbon. Great flight and an unexpected free meal/drinks. Lots of vino yes yes.

22:30: Arrived in Lisbon to meet my wonderful friend Simone who lives and works in Portugal (badman). Even the airport is magnificent, white marble everywhere and caricatures of famous Lisbon figures all around the metro. As far as airports go this one is amazing! So easy to navigate, clean and arty.


22:40 We took the metro to Baixa Chiado and then walked to the apartment in Bairro Alto. Travelling from the airport to the apartment took around 60 mins there and back, it’s all very dependent on the timings of the trains which can take 5-15mins to arrive.

23:45 Do not underestimate how hilly Lisbon is, make sure you bring your comfiest kicks. On the walk from the station the first thing I noticed were the amazing tiled buildings. Ajulejos (tiles) and cork are two things that Lisbon is very famous for. We also walked past the world’s oldest book shop in the world still in operation, it opened its doors in 1732 and is located at Rua Garrett in Chiado.


00:00 We arrived at the apartment. Our host Ricardo was wonderful and gave us a bottle of wine to welcome us in. Yes to vino. There was a distinct lack of newsagents/corner shops in Lisbon so I do advise you buy everything you need when you see one!

00:30 In Bairro Alto there are 5 or 6 different little streets that are packed with bars and clubs which do not charge for entry. For the first time since fresher days, we bar hopped. It was sick. Caipirinhas were the drink of choice, drinks cost on average around €3-5. Do not get a mojito from the Cuban  bar – it was the deadest thing ever and a waste of €3-5 which could have gone on a caipirinha!

1:30 There are a variety of bars playing different genres of music. Our favourite was the Cuban bar and the Brazilian bars were playing some of the best music I have ever heard. Click here for my piece on the Lisbon music scene. The highlight of the night was a bar called Som Bem which played Brazilian funky. Everyone we met on our night out was wonderful, ready to dance and a lot of fun.

3:00 All the bars close apart from a few select clubs that are a bit further out. Our new found Angolan friends advised us to go to Place for afrobeats which is open until 6am. Next time I visit I will also be sure to check our B. Leza which plays live African music and hosts kizomba workshops. By this point we were too turnt/shattered from travelling and wanted to be in a decent condition to go exploring in the morning so went in search of fried chicken. NOTE: WE COULD NOT FIND A TAKE OUT. The nearest one was half an hour away in a taxi, near the river. Unbelievably dead.


One of the most beautiful days of my life.

First thing’s first we took pictures with one of Lisboa’s infamous trams. If you have the time you should go on the number 28 tram which is the longest route in Lisbon. It’s very popular though so you may end up waiting a while to queue and get on one.


I highly recommend heading to one of the vista’s (viewing points) around Lisbon. Lisbon has been built on seven hills on the margins of the River Tagus which means that there are views for days for your eyes to feast on. Close to our apartment is the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara. This viewing platform is a garden with a panoramic view across the city to São Jorge Castle and central Lisboa.


We then walked to Santa Justa and ate the pengest munch for €5 a head. I had a pork steak with chips and rice, Portuguese food is simple and delicious.


We then visited Igreja De São Domingos a Roman Catholic Church that has been rebuilt after an infamous fire and earthquakes. The architectural style is baroque and reminds me of Catedral De Girona.


We then walked towards Praça do Comércio and on the way down we came across the Elevador de Santa Justa which was  designed by Raul Mesnier de Ponsard, a student of the great iron craftsman Gustave Eiffel, who created the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This elevator transports passengers from the Baixa district up to the Igreja do Carmo church.

Praça do Comércio is absolutely beautiful.  Towards the centre of the square is a statue of King José I and at the entrance to the square you can find the Rua Augusta Arch, a stone triumphal-arch which commemorates the city’s reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. The square is also known as Terreiro do Paço because the Royal Ribeira Palace used to be located here before it was destroyed by the great 1755 Lisbon earthquake. There was a cool af band playing with the river as their backdrop – everywhere you walk in Lisbon you hear music it’s so uplifting.




We then got an uber to Santiago to go and see Castelo de São Jorge, it costs around €8 and is 100% worth it. Not only can you walk around a moorish castle right along the top but the views from the top are incredible. It closes at 6pm and we got to watch the sunset over Lisbon as the streetlights turned on. The different coloured and tiled buildings are very distinguishable and you can work out where in the city you are staying from the castle. It’s muy muy cool.



We then made our way towards Alfama and stopped off in Sao Miguel for some cervezas and more live music. There was also another viewing point  here. Miradouro das Portas do Sol is one of the most popular viewing platforms in Lisbon for its breathtaking views of the castle. We met some wonderful promoters of the live band who gave us a free copy of their CD because Conor had a football sticker of Nani on the back who is not only a Portugal player but like the promoter, also from Cape Verde. An Angolan guy called Kevin works around this platform, if you speak to him  he might give you a free bracelet too as he likes to practice his English.  The mix of people in Lisbon is so sick, we met people from Angola, Senegal, Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. The entire day was made as special as it was due to the continued kindness of locals we met on our journey.


Visiting Lisboa for the first time we found it imperative to go and find ourselves some good Fado. Originally I had planned for us to go to SR. FADO for a 7:30pm show to listen to some authentic Fado. Fado is Portuguese folk music which is full of soul and heartbreak. It’s stunning. On the way to R. dos remedios (SR FADO) we came across a quaint restaurant on a corner with a view of the river and lights. The host Teresa came out and convinced us to come in, her warmth and hospitality was fantastic and I would highly recommend that you go here to hear Fado. They had world class professional Fado singers performing throughout dinner in an extremely intimate environment. It made their bellowing voices a million times more intense. There was a lovely mix of male and female Fado singers but Tina Santos was my favourite and not just because she gave me a white rose when I left (what a babe).

We then got an uber back to the apartment which cost around €5 (100% necessary after all the walking we had been doing). Our lovely friend invited all of his colleagues and Portuguese friends out and we went to a Brazilian bar where there was a live band, €5 Caipirinhas in pint glasses that blow your mind. We spent our entire night in and out of the bar until close. The music and company was phenomenal. One of the best night’s out I have ever had!83.jpg


10:00 We got up and ready to head to Belem for the day! We also were technically checking out but our host allowed for us to store all of our bags in a room within the flat until 2pm.

11:30 We got a train to Belem which was only two stops from Santa Justa


12:00 We ordered a padria portuguesa which is a traditional portugese breakfast of a ham and cheese croissant with freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee!

12:25 We then made out way to Pasteis de Belem which have been around since 1837 following an ancient recipe from the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This is where the first Portuguese custard tart or ‘natas’ was made! There are two queues two get in and it is unbelievably busy but they serve you with military precision. Within 10 minutes we had been in and out with our own natas! I am not exaggerating when I say it is the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted in my life. I highly recommend you make the pilgrimage to try them.


12:35 We sat in the Jardim do ultramar just opposite the store and tried our natas – the pengest munch.

12:50 We then walked to Santa Maria de Belem along the river. There are so many museums here that we didn’t get a chance to go into properly but next time we definitely will. Lisbon leads the way in modern architecture and Belem showcases this magnificently. You can also find the Belem tower here along with the Jeronimos Monastery and Padrão dos Descobrimentos.

13:00 We began to head back to the apartment to collect our things.

14:00 We were at the airport and not ready to leave at all.

Lisbon you were wonderful and I will be back.

how much

flights: I booked around a month before. The flights to and from Heathrow cost £95 return but you can book a weekend for around £60 on skyscanner if you book well in advance. If you are not constrained to just the weekend you can pick up flights from London for as low as £35!

accomodation: Airbnb cost £107 for two nights for a two bedroom amazing apartment in the centre of Bairro Alto. Our host was wonderful and let us keep our bags in the apartment on the Sunday whilst we travelled to Belem for the day.

spending money: I took €200 and did not spend all of it. Food was cheap and drinks were reasonable, public transport extremely cheap.


26th December 2016 – Weekly Selecta


This is the first that I have heard of Shaun White but he has been around behind the scenes for a while now. He has worked with 50 Cent, Giggs, Skepta and more. He hails from South East London (yes yes). “Watch ya girl” is certy. Dancehall/reggae vibes. You will undoubtedly reload the ting several times. It’s super vibey and taken from his forthcoming album “Undiscovered”. I have a feeling he won’t remain undiscovered for long. The second track off his album “Like this” is soon to drop and features Giggs. I’ll be keeping an ear out for future releases in 2017. I’ll be jackin this tune over Christmas and New Year.

Have a good one ladies and gents xoxo

19th December 2016 – Weekly Selecta


This tune had me at the first “manna wear black”.

The hook is catchy af. “I gotta learn to forget, even when they burn through bridge, I’ve got a hell of a pride and one ego and demons I deal with – Donae’O

Donae’O second studio album Grey Area is due in March 2017. I expect bangers to accompany the gun fingers and skank.

“Black” sees a collab with Donae’O, JME and Dizzee. It’s a sick tune with a sick flow and everyone’s verses goes hard. The video is sick, JME looks too gully and of course all the manna wear black.

I’m a black male so you can’t blackmail me – JME

Always happy to see more of Dizzee. After seeing him perform Boy in da Corner live I am gassed to hear him spit dat new new grime. “I wear black cuz I’m lazy, I wear black cuz I’m shady. I wore black on the creep with your lady” – Dizzee takes it away for me on this tune.

Watch here.

Big ups to Annie Mac as always. If you missed this tune the first time around like me don’t worry. Donae’o bringing the Afrobeats vibe as always over a grimey af beat.


Ghetts comes through on the final verse out of nowhere, unexpectedly. His verse is hard and flow on point. “I spend most of my days in deep thought mode cah a man try to dead me” Jheeez.

Funky. Grimey. Vibey.

Yes Yes.

Listen here.

Lisbon Selecta

International tings, Selecta


Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa

You are too fine. Tudo bem. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Lisbon. The music was incredible. I had two nights that showcased the best of Lisbon. The Brazilian and African influenced sound mixed with electronic music blew my mind. Before I came to visit I happened across the Boiler Room Stay True series, which covered specifically Lisbon, Portugal.

My level of expectation for Portugese music had up until this point been Sango. Sango is the greatest so my expectations were pretty high. I came to Lisbon excited for the goodness that was inevitably about to happen.

If you want to know more about the music scene in Lisbon please check out the Boiler Room recommendations/documentary below.

I met some wonderful people from all over the world and this song is my highlight of the weekend. Enjoy. Gasso tell em fi gwarn.


For some context, Boiler room mentioned:

Branko and Batida: Sounds Of The City

Two names that are synonymous with the underground music scene in Portugal — Branko and Batida hooked up while Boiler Room were in town to collaborate for the first time ever. An ode to their home city, “Eletrico 15” builds on field recordings collected during a day spent in Lisbon together.

Listen here.

Also, check out below.

The Lisbon Takeover: Three-Part Documentary Series
Eager to capture both sides of Portugal’s musical culture, Boiler Room travelled to Lisbon’s bordering ghettos to meet the people behind the music.

Sit back and enjoy their three-part documentary series exploring the cultures, traditions and innovations that are bubbling up in the city’s suburbs. A treat for the eyes.

Pt. I — From Lisbon to the World
We celebrate Lisbon’s diversity with the people that know it best. Watch as we tell the story of how its former slums brought Africa and Europe together to create a sound that couldn’t have existed anywhere else.

Pt. II — Hard Ass Roots
In this second leg, we dig deeper into the roots of Lisbon’s street culture, and find out how those early footsteps provide foundations for the present and future.

Pt. III — Principe and the Lisbon Takeover
Principe — Lisbon’s latest musical poster boys — introduce us to their world of high-octane, limb-shaking electronica. Follow some of the family as they talk about their vision to disseminate the city’s sound to the globe.

5th December 2016 – Weekly Selecta


This song is unbelievable. Jack Marzilla based in LA but NY born and raised makes a point to encourage “Vibes, Energy and Positivity.” This song encompasses all of that. His voice is smooth and the beat is incredibly vibey. I dare anyone to listen to this and not shake a leg.

His EP “Over You” released in May reflects how one can experience multiple emotions while dealing with someone who you think is best for you, but in reality is toxic to your overall happiness. This causes us to act, feel, think and do things that we normally wouldn’t. “Over You” is a cause and effect of those decisions.

If you have someone in your life that you are particularly feeling – this tune demonstrates the ting. I imagine this is already being played in every shisha place ouchea. It brings some tropical goodness into your life in these cold ass times. The production is lit and the ad libs are on point. Overall 10/10 I have played this song on repeat for the past 2 weeks and am not even a little bit tired of it.

Whatever “Ocean Motion” is – I am about it. I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for him.

Feel The Vibe, Live The Vibe, Love The Vibe.

Listen here.

@JackMarzilla for future updates.

21st November – Weekly Selecta


So I’ve decided to post songs weekly instead of daily as my extra curricular activity is taking off. I want to write more about what I am up to so this will give me more time.

If you haven’t started watching Atlanta yet DO IT. Donald Glover is a G and I’ve been craving him on my screen since I finished Community. I’m hoping with this new album, this means new tour in the UK? I would love to see him live. Freaks and Geeks will forever be the anthem.

The release off Childish Gambino’s new album is below. RedBone encouraging us all to Stay Woke.

I cannot stop listening to this song. Yes to funk.





Friday 18th December – Daily Selecta


I cannot deal. Alicia Keys. You beautiful human. I have watched this so many times today, it gives me genuine goosebumps. I need to see her live. Unbelievably jealous of everyone who got to see her at this intimate gig. A really great mix of old and new songs. Her new album “Here” has dropped and it is parfait.

Tracklist #AliciaInParis :
00:32 She Don’t Really Care
02:38 Hallelujah
07:54 You Don’t Know My Name
10:43 In Common
15:45 The Gospel




Wednesday 16th December – Daily Selecta


Tonight I was in Parliament. I am going to be working with Vicky Foxcroft MP on the Youth Violence Commission…

Roll through this tune.

P Money, JME and Wiley.

Got to see Wiley do a set in Manchester at Warehouse Project on Friday. It was unbelievably lit. Cannot wait for the Godfather to drop. I am really feeling what I have heard so far.

P Money is a legend say no more. Sick to see these three on a track and best believe it makes the gun fingers come out.