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Reviews from the 6, Selecta

Drake dropped More Life and it is giving me More Life.

I appreciate it as a solid album that flows seamlessly from track to track.

Also, massive respect to Drake for the recognition. His album is a salute to the UK music scene. It’s only good for our music to get the publicity and attention it is long overdue.

BUT, idk idk I just cba with at least half of the tracks on there. Every tune is decent but I can only listen to Drake whining for so many tracks in succession.

Do not get it twisted. I love Drake. From Time G. This is just my opinion on the album. I would have preferred an actual collab with Dave but maybe we aren’t ready for that level of greatness yet.

Here is my spotify playlist version of the album. Half the tracks but double the skengness.

#1 I hate the way he says Free Shmoke in Free Smoke and again he seems to be moaning about something but I’m not really sure what? Your life seems nice b, relax.

#2 Giggs is MY GUY. But No Long Talk is too beggy for life. Drake is trying to hard to fall in with the crew and it’s not Giggs best verse. BUN ALL THESE AMERICANS that are cussing Giggs though. BUN YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE. The only reason No Long Talk is a track is because of hollowman.

#3 Passionfruit. Now THIS. THIS is something I can get with. This would be my first track on the album. Vibey as fuck and I love the Moodyman skit (37:39 in). This song is perfect. Well done drizzy.

#4 BIG UP WEST MIDS ALL DAY ALL DAY. Yes Jorja Smith. Jorja Interlude is sick because Jorja Smith’s voice is that good good honey and syrup and she’s from Walsall – love that. It ends with that Marvin’s room nostalgia from Take Care. Sick.

#5 Get It Together ❤ The interlude flows into this tune, Jorja’s vocals over a Katy B-esque beat. It’s funky, it’s R&B and will be played at many a UK BBQ this year. Gwarn Drake.

#6 Madiba Riddim + Drake crooning “I can’t tell who is my friend” it’s more of a miss than a hit for me. The instrumental would have been preferred to this version.

#7 BLEM …. UNRULY. Initially I was like but, “Blem means cigarette wtf m8?” NOW I am ouchea like “I’m blem for real I might just say how I feel”. Whatever you say blem means Aubrey then that’s gravy I’ll just be here doing the most. Also “I need you to stop running back to your ex, he’s a wasteman” is 100% every girl’s Instagram caption here on out.

#8 4422. Amazing. Sampha’s voice is sensational. His voice does make me feel quite melancholy though. Don’t know if banging this straight after Blem is such a good shout.

#9 Gyalchester. The beat drop that everyone wanted from the album. We had to wait until track 9 to get it but it was worth it. The classic Drake flow is gully as hell here. And he don’t take naps! This is all I wanted from him. Also, as an ex Manchester resident I am gassed for everyone who lives there now who can rightfully bang this hard.

#10 Skepta Interlude. Skeppy is a madness. Block that account it’s a catfish. I wanted to hear Drake’s take on grime. He made a smart move by just letting the best bless his album and bring grime the only way Skepta can. This goes hard and is a nice relief from the whining on the album.

#11 Portland. The rising popularity in flutes and trap is sick. I am with it. Quavo and Travis Scott come through with the jiggiest of tunes.

#12 Sacrifices ft 2 Chainz and Young Thug. Everyone is too gassed by Youth Thug’s voice on this. I really do not care the tune is kinda dead and feels like a filler. Young Thug’s voice does sound amazing in isolation so yes to more of this but bun this tune.

#13 Nothings Into Somethings. This is good if you’re looking for a sad-gang instagram caption. Otherwise again, boring.

#14 Teenage Fever. Mmmhmm honey. Yes. Sprung like spring. Grab your babes and tell em you love them. The new Marvin’s Room? (Nothing will beat Stevie Wonder pon the track but this is live). Love that Dave is on the outro. Big up Santan. Reminds me of I get lonely too. The J-Lo sample in this is perfection. If you like this tune you’ll love this old Cyril Hahn mix. Enjoy

#15 KMT. This. THIS. Giggs goes all the way IN. Bringing that dirty dirty, bringing that certy. This showcases Giggs flow, lyrical humour and all around gulliness. Thanks Drake for letting Giggs just kinda take this one. It works in your favour. AGAIN. Any Americans who don’t get Giggs, don’t understand grime and never will. So stay where you’re at beggy longstockings and listen to some EDM or some shit.

#16 Lose You. Yo Drake here, more whining fi ya head top. Leave this for your mixtape b.

#17 Can’t Have Everything. This makes me nostalgic for Take Care Underground Kings flow. It’s cool but he is just moaning again, I can’t relate homie. Your life is so bless. But your flow is still tight here so whatever.

#18 Glow. I love you Kanye. This is nice. It’s like the old Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye. This is peng. Makes me feel all glowed up. Well done to both.

#19 Since Way Back. I love PARTYNEXTDOOR. This is good, nothing amazing. Very average. Nice beat.

#20 Fake Love. This is a tune. Even though we have been playing this what feels like forever now I still love it. All round banger.

#21 Ice Melts. I way prefer Young Thug on this. Playful tune. A bit repetitive though. Quite like Drake’s mid-song intervention for the breakdown. Doesn’t make my version of More Life though.

#22 Do Not Disturb. NICE sampling. Drake does have sick taste. “I was an angry yout when I was writing Views” This is a nice end to the album and gives us more of an idea of where Drake is at emotionally with a life in the limelight. Check out the sample below it is beautiful. Here is an interview with Sona about her song being sampled on More Life.

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