8th February 2017 – Weekly Selecta


Yxng Bane is fast becoming a favourite.

Previously known as G Mula, Yxng Bane hails from Custom House, East London. His mixtape Full Moon was a success, he can both sing and spit bars. This accompanied with the new penchant in the UK for afro-bashment or afro-swing as some publications are calling it (not feeling this afro-swing title but whatever), means he is rising in popularity.

If you haven’t heard Fine Wine, where the hell have you been? This guy is killing it.

Ed Sheeran’s shape of you is catchy af. What do we expect? He does the damn ting every single time. Yxng Bane’s remix is the only version I can listen to now though. Big ups. Here is my tune of the week.

Listen here and get ready to catch a pre valentines-wine.

The documentary below also discusses a bit of the story behind Yxng and his first mixtape/EP


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