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You are too fine. Tudo bem. Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Lisbon. The music was incredible. I had two nights that showcased the best of Lisbon. The Brazilian and African influenced sound mixed with electronic music blew my mind. Before I came to visit I happened across the Boiler Room Stay True series, which covered specifically Lisbon, Portugal.

My level of expectation for Portugese music had up until this point been Sango. Sango is the greatest so my expectations were pretty high. I came to Lisbon excited for the goodness that was inevitably about to happen.

If you want to know more about the music scene in Lisbon please check out the Boiler Room recommendations/documentary below.

I met some wonderful people from all over the world and this song is my highlight of the weekend. Enjoy. Gasso tell em fi gwarn.


For some context, Boiler room mentioned:

Branko and Batida: Sounds Of The City

Two names that are synonymous with the underground music scene in Portugal — Branko and Batida hooked up while Boiler Room were in town to collaborate for the first time ever. An ode to their home city, “Eletrico 15” builds on field recordings collected during a day spent in Lisbon together.

Listen here.

Also, check out below.

The Lisbon Takeover: Three-Part Documentary Series
Eager to capture both sides of Portugal’s musical culture, Boiler Room travelled to Lisbon’s bordering ghettos to meet the people behind the music.

Sit back and enjoy their three-part documentary series exploring the cultures, traditions and innovations that are bubbling up in the city’s suburbs. A treat for the eyes.

Pt. I — From Lisbon to the World
We celebrate Lisbon’s diversity with the people that know it best. Watch as we tell the story of how its former slums brought Africa and Europe together to create a sound that couldn’t have existed anywhere else.

Pt. II — Hard Ass Roots
In this second leg, we dig deeper into the roots of Lisbon’s street culture, and find out how those early footsteps provide foundations for the present and future.

Pt. III — Principe and the Lisbon Takeover
Principe — Lisbon’s latest musical poster boys — introduce us to their world of high-octane, limb-shaking electronica. Follow some of the family as they talk about their vision to disseminate the city’s sound to the globe.

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