Thursday 20th October – Daily Selecta


Geko is 19 years old putting Manny on the map no Bugzy.

Ever since I heard “Baba” I’ve slyly been in love. His collab with Lady Leshur on “Vibe” is super sweet boy.

Geko is of North African (Libyan and Algerian) descent and you can hear the Arabic influences in his music. Being Indian I listen to not just Punjabi and Hindi music but also a lot of Arabic. I’ve been waiting for a minute for some one to experiment with afrobeats and Arabian influenced vocals.

Here is “Khalas” meaning ‘enough’ in Arabic.

It’s sick, it’s gully and unbelievably vibey.

And it features Ard Adz who is equally doing it. I’ll be posting more from both these talents.

I am going to see Geko on Sunday in Camden with my sister, the excitement is r e a l.

Some tickets are still available if you like what you hear. Get involved.

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